“The Prime:” Phase 2

One more phase down, and only 2 more to go! I’ll go ahead and answer the question that most people probably have about this phase of the diet: “so have you lost weight yet?” The answer: yes, four pounds to be exact. But to be honest, I’m not sure how much of that is attributed to The Prime and how much of that is attributed to my New Year’s resolution to be more aware of my portion sizes. Truthfully, I think the weight loss is more about my reduced food intake, BUT I DO think The Prime has greatly improved my digestion, which is aiding my weight loss.

Seeing as how I’ve only lost about 4 pounds in as many weeks, the weight loss is not the reason  I continue to stick with this plan. What I do love about The Prime is how it’s introducing me to these wonderful supplements that have completely changed my life. Last phase I started taking triphala for digestion, and psyllium husk and ground flax seed for fiber. I’ll admit, I gave up on the morning tea, and only dry brush sporadically. I don’t really know why; I can say I just forgot, but as I think about it more, I think it was just I was no longer motivated to do those things anymore. I wasn’t seeing a reduction in cellulite or any improvement in digestion from doing those things, so I stopped. I did continue with the triphala and fiber flush though, and also added two supplements that have now become my new best friends: ashwagandha and brahmi.

Now I know what you’re thinking: ashwa-who? bra-what? I get it. I had never heard of these things either. Ashwaghanda, also known as Indian ginseng, reduces stress, anxiety, PMS symptoms, cravings and suppresses appetite (two things that are very helpful as I watch my portions). Brahmi works with ashwaghanda to not only help reduce those pesky cravings, but also to promote brain clarity, creativity and focus. Dr. Chaudhary recommends taking these two herbs in the morning and again in the evening, around 6pm, since those are the times we tend to get hungry and either binge on way too much food, or reach for those cravings in a desperate attempt to curb our hunger.

As someone who is frequently stressed and anxious, I noticed an odd feeling once I started taking these herbs. As overwhelmed as I got during the day at work or looking over my massive to do list, it never got to the point of me feeling stressed. Normally my stress and anxiety get me so worked up that I’m too paralyzed with fear and doubt to do much of anything. But when I started taking the herbs, it’s like my worry and fear were unable to turn into full on panic, and even though things still felt daunting at times, they never felt altogether impossible or insurmountable. Just to test my hypothesis that it was indeed the brahmi and ashwaghanda that was suppressing my panic, I stopped taking them for a couple of days, and sure enough, the stress and anxiety came back. I am now a complete devotee of these two herbs. I can say that The Prime has introduced me to some great alternatives for handling stress and anxiety without pharmaceuticals. And for that, I am grateful, regardless of how spontaneous or deliberate or downright nonexistent this weight loss is.

Some other things I was supposed to do this phase:

  • Prime Juice – aka vegetable juice; I was supposed to drink this three to five times a week. That happened for exactly one week. I actually love eating vegetables (the operative word there is eating). Drinking vegetables is less enjoyable for me. Plus I have yet to find a juicer that is not a complete pain to deal with (all that effort and noise and clean up for so little juice!). And buying good organic juice is not cheap (and neither are supplements, by the way.) If you’re like me, and finding it hard to afford being healthy sometimes, I would suggest investing in the supplements over the veggie juice. The feelings you get from the supplements are so worth it. But if you don’t like the supplements and/or can afford to do the juice, go for it. Tell me how it goes.
  • Prime Broth – aka bone broth; I’ve heard a little bit about bone broth and the benefits of the collagen found in animal bones. If nothing else, bone broth just tastes a heck of a lot better than regular animal or vegetable broth or stock. Because of The Prime, I now cook with organic bone broth in place of stocks and broths as much as possible. It has a much deeper flavor, which means you also don’t have to add nearly as much salt and other things to create flavor. Plus bone broth has the added health benefits of reducing inflammation, repairing muscle and connective tissue, clearing arteries, detoxifying your liver, and calming your mind. It’s absolutely worth it.

So far I’ve really loved Phase 2 of The Prime. It has introduced me to some really great things that keep me calm and centered. Dr. Chaudhary says this phase should result in improved energy, improved thinking, and much more balanced emotions and feelings (which is especially helpful during that time of the month).

I’m halfway there! I just kicked off Phase 3, so I’ll be sure to keep you posted 🙂


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